14 03 2010

Yesterday I bought Some jellybeans and the box had the words BEAN BOOZLED! I looked on the back and it had some really grose flavors like Barf and Baby wipes.But it also had good flavors like Top bananna and Coconut. I got one out of the box and it was PENCIL SHAVINGS! I spit it out immediately. It tasted HORRIBLE! ANYWHO. Today im goin to my aunts B-day.

Dats all por nao!

Me in the MOrning

6 02 2010

The title says it all…..

Just thought u Mite want to see....


15 01 2010

Hey guys sorry i havent been posting much! I gotta make this quick so the main thing is IM ADDICTED TO HARRY POTTER! PLus i got a new hat and that it pretty much.-JR out

Boys are fast…girls?Bleh…

25 12 2009


24 12 2009

Hey guys first I want to say that im sorry i couldnt get a new header and that I cant post much.ANYWHO! CHRISTMAS IS TOMMORROW! Its the day where kids get the things they want! Its one of the 2 days that kids get toys! But most importantly its the day we remember baby jesus birthday (if you dont belive in GOD OR JESUS the post is over 4 u.) . HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!

My uhh not weekend but sorta,kinda weekend uhh ok forget this just read the post.

2 12 2009

OK so anyway on monday I had early dismissal.And mom and dad were taking us to uncle uhh i dont remember his name.So he lived near Portland and as we were on our way we happened to pass by the Great Wolf Lodge©. So dad turned straight to the GWL parking lot and at that moment I realized 2 things: 1+1+2 and they were taking us there! I WAS SO EXITED!!! So Ill tell u about how the place looks cuz it would be too long to talk about my trip. So theres a indoor water park and on the top of the tree house it there’s a big bucket when it gets filled with water it DUMPS EVERYTHING! and so there’s 2 kiddie water slides attached to the tree house and to the left of that there’s a WAVE POOL. Every 5 min. the BIG GIANT WAVES kick in and im telling you they have to be like ten feet tall.To the right of the wave pool there is the sport area.There’s only a water basketball and this row of lillypads and i don’t know what they’re made of and on top there’s a net hanging.You’re supposed to try to get across using the lillypads and the net. I never used the net.And yes i got across 5 pads with no net. Lets move on to the WATER SLIDES there is four of them. So lets move on to the room! ok there’s a kid room and a parents room and they are separate. The kids room has a bunk bed , me on top sister on bottom.We also get our own TV and gamecube.So does the parents except for the bunk bed.OK there’s more but im tired of typing.


26 11 2009

Hey everybody its thanksgiving!Finally we can all gather with our families and be thankful.MY favorite part of thanksgiving is all the food! Me likes food. FOOD! OK so anyways I just want to thank all of you who frequently come to my blog!

-JR out